Rapidly Identify Concept Sets with Search, Filtering & Vector Analytics

Connect to Numerous Live Data Streams to Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Information As It Happens

Import and Integrate Structured Data with Concepts Derived from Unstructured Sources

Use Cases

Competitive Intelligence & Business Development

Organizations need to keep their finger on the pulse of their competitive landscape and identify novel potential M&A targets. To do both of these things effectively, organizations need to both keep track of existing companies in a space and also to discover new companies that may be entering a territory or business area. Vyasa’s Neural Concept Recognition can be trained on a set of existing companies of interest and then can be used to continuously monitor for the mentions of novel companies in that same space. This ability for the Cortex A.I. to detect novel companies in continuous data streams means that competitive intelligence and business development groups will be the first to detect a novel opportunities thereby generating value and providing a competitive advantage.

Trend Analytics

Every data source added to Cortex retains a timestamp of it’s publication date as well as a wide range of other meta-data. What this means is that as Cortex starts to detect the mentions of concepts in the content provided by each source, Cortex can also start to build trend-lines of the mentions of concepts across all of the data contained in the system. This concept-centric, timeline trend analytics enables Cortex users to identify up and down movements in the mentions of concepts of interest. Cortex provides a wide range of visualizations relating to trend analytics and related concept analytics.