Vyasa Cortex Features


Dark Data Analytics

Dark Data is the layer of digital content present in every enterprise that is difficult to access but contains critical insights for better decision making. Vyasa Cortex helps shed light on your dark data.


Secure Cloud Deploy

Vyasa Cortex can be deployed as a secure cloud app behind an organization's firewall on AWS or Google Cloud architecture. Docker container deploy options on enterprise architecture are also available.


Neural Concept Recognition

Vyasa Cortex can consume and analyze dark data from numerous sources types and identify concepts, relationships and attributes in those sources. Vyasa Cortex is data analytics, driven by the data.


Collaborative Analytics

The future of data sciences is collaborative. Analytics teams in control of powerful machine learning approaches are enabled to derive knowledge and critical insights from mountains of digital content.


Cortex ChemVector

Deep learning provides revolutionary capabilities for chemistry R&D. With Cortex, project teams can securely apply cutting edge analytics to advance their research objectives on their internal compound libraries.


Project Based Deep Learning

Vyasa Cortex allows for the application of specific deep learning modules to structured and unstructured sources. These modules are available in the Cortex Deep Learning Library.