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Why we’re excited about deep learning A.I.

Hype, especially in our 24/7 driven media age, can often distort the perceived importance of any given technological development. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence and the deep learning algorithms that underpin the recent advances in artificial intelligence approaches are currently the subject of just such a hype cycle.


“Deep learning is here to stay. It is currently the most promising technology in predictive analytics for previously intractable data types for machine learning, such as images, speech and video. It also can deliver higher accuracy than other techniques for problems that involve complex data fusion.”

Gartner, “Innovation Insight for Deep Learning”

At the heart of these advances is the notion that machines can now learn to recognize patterns, objects and outcomes without being given a priori rule sets to operate on. These types of capabilities are highly relevant in legal, business intelligence, life science and healthcare use cases where many complex variables across disparate information sources need to be brought to bear for insight generation and effective decision making. Fundamental to that capability is the need to securely provide deep learning systems with enterprise data at scale.

At Vyasa, we see a future in which deep learning AI-driven approaches enable humans to elevate the nature of our work beyond the rote activities so often inherent in our current processing of digital content. It is exciting to imagine what will be possible when we are able to apply these approaches across large pools of content to help advance our understanding and capabilities across a wide array of pursuits. Hyped or not, deep learning technologies are here to stay, they are powerful and game changing for those enterprises that can apply them effectively at scale.

Our name

Vyasa is the name of a central and revered figure in the Hindu dharma. As the key compiler and storyteller of sacred Hindu texts, Vyasa brought together knowledge across many sources. Our CEO, Christopher Bouton lived in India for four years as a boy and has great respect for the many belief systems and writings from the deep and rich tapestry of knowledge and thought that are part of the Hindu and broader Indian culture. He believes that our data today has the ability to tell us important, valuable stories and that novel technologies such as deep learning can act as an approach toward gaining greater insight into these stories.

Statement of Corporate Responsibility

Vyasa operates in accordance with a strong sense of corporate responsibility and expects that each member of the Vyasa team does so as well. In particular, at Vyasa, we are driven by the values of Service, Humility, Integrity, Excellence, Love and Diversity. We believe that these are values that enhance all human interactions and are also essential for building and operating a well-respected, successful business that provides top-tier interactions, services and solutions for our clients and partners.

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