Our Team

We thought that we’d have some fun with our team photos. Each team member’s photo has been analyzed by a deep learning neural network that can re-paint an image based on the brush strokes, color scheme and style of a famous work of art. Below each team member photo is the title of the work of art used and a clickable thumbnail to view it.

Erik Bakke

Chief Data Officer

Artwork: Seated Nude, Pablo Picasso

Betsy Berkey

Software Engineer

Artwork: Mind Spirit and Emotion, Pablo Picasso

Christopher Bouton, Ph.D.


Artwork: Misty Mood, Leonid Afremov

Katherine Economopoulos

Project Manager

Artwork: Dynamism of a Cyclist, Umberto Boccioni

Emily Georgakopoulos

Software Engineer

Artwork: Orange Outline 1955, Franz Kline

Justin Greenberg

Senior Data Scientist

Artwork: Blue Flower, Georgia O’Keeffe

Michael Hugo

Chief Technology Officer

Artwork: Nude Descending a Staircase, Marcel Duchamp

Frans Lawaetz

Chief Information Officer

Artwork: Southern Tunisian Gardens, Paul Klee

Justinus Menzel

Senior Software Engineer

Artwork: Composition, Piet Mondrian

Steve Molter

Product Designer

Artwork: Udnie, Francis Picabia

Meghan Neely

Project Manager

Artwork: Flower Market, James McNeill

Aaron Scherbing

Senior Software Engineer

Artwork: Dances at the Spring, Francis Picabia