| Nick Brown |


The NIH’s Childhood Cancer Data Initiative is set to revolutionize the data landscape around pediatric cancers and treatments. While important progress is being made, hospitals and oncology departments still face an uphill battle with the resources they have available to understand patient illnesses and gain the insights they need.


The healthcare industry faces a number of data challenges, all of which are impacting pediatric oncology. These include:

  • Data silos across departments and institutions.
  • Limited access to the latest research and trials on pediatric cancer and treatments.
  • Tools for quickly accessing insights in complex data. Ex: published research, biomedical images, drug-like compounds, genomics files.


Advancements in deep learning combined with a novel data architecture developed by Vyasa are changing the way hospitals, researchers and oncologists can collect and analyze data related to pediatric cancer. Known as an intelligent data fabric, Vyasa enables organizations to unify disparate data sources regardless of cloud or on-premise storage location and without moving or replicating the data. Once connected, Vyasa applies deep learning on the data making it easily searchable and accessible. With an intelligent data fabric, users improve search accuracy by 97% while decreasing manual analysis time by 25% through the ability to:

  • Collaborate and share data across departments, and identify trends across patient populations.
  • Easily search and extract insights from genomics data, including processing VCF and BAM files.
  • Harmonize multiple data sources together, including structured and unstructured content. (ex: scientific literature & images).
  • Discover terms and insights not listed in ontologies with Vyasa’s named entity recognition (NER).

The Vyasa intelligent data fabric comes with a suite of low code interfaces that enable users to search and visualize their data in natural language, accellerating access to insights for physicians, oncologists, researchers and more.