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Deep Learning A.I. Data Fabric

A next-generation deep learning A.I. data fabric that connects diverse data stores and third-party applications via a range of built-in connectors to perform sophisticated text and image analytics.

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Layar Deployment (NGC Catalog, Helm Chart)

A step-by-step tutorial from fetching the helm chart in the NVIDIA NGC Catalog to deployment within a Kubernetes cluster. Prerequisites Hardware 128 GB RAM 16 CPUs 500GB SSD disk 4 V100 or later generation GPUs Operating System: Ubuntu 18 Ubuntu 20 DGX OS 5. Prerequisites The system must have an external DNS entry (not relying […]

Vyasa Layar Release Notes

Support documentation covering updates, bug fixes, and new software features for Vyasa Layar. Vyasa Layar 2.54.0 March 2022 What’s New Highlighting for Ontologies Now Available! In addition to highlighting named entities in a document, Layar will now automatically tag any terms (or their relevant synonyms) based on an uploaded ontology. Simply select the ontology (or […]

Tips For Asking Natural Language Questions

How to Effectively Use Vyasa’s QA Features Why do these make a huge difference in the quality of results? Although our elastic search tries to find appropriate evidence from query understanding, our transformer-based models are semantics driven, and fed the exact query as written. Tips 1 and 2 are central to getting good results consistently. […]

Generate Your Layar API Keys

How to generate your own Layar API keys within Layar. Step 1. Click the three dot icon located in the top left of the Layar home page. Step 2. Select “Generate API Access Token“. Step 3. Click “Generate Access Keys” to confirm. Step 4. Save your access keys somewhere safe where you can reference them […]

Vyasa-Supported Ontologies

A list of all ontologies currently available off-the-shelf in Vyasa products. Table of Available Ontologies Ontology Acronym Author Version Last Updated Current Procedural Terminology CPT American Medical Association (AMA) 2020AB 01/06/2021 Experimental Factor Ontology EFO EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) 3.39.1 02/24/2022 Foundational Model of Anatomy FMA NIH NLM’s Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) 5.0.0 […]

What are NER Concepts?

Understanding how NER concepts facilitate your analyses. NER, or Named Entity Recognition, is a deep learning text analytics subdomain where terms and phrases are identified within unstructured text and classified into categorical (aka entity) types (e.g. proteins, cell line, disease, companies, etc.). We use NER tagging to create NER Concepts, which appear in several areas […]

Load Table-Based Ontologies into Layar

A quick guide on how to upload your own ontologies into Vyasa Layar for implementation. Table-Based Files (.csv, .xls, etc) Step 1. Add your ontology file to Layar using one of your connectors (or local upload). The ontology file can be any table-based file (for example, .csv, .tsv, .xls, etc are all compatible). The system […]

Layar Installation Guide (CentOS 7, Helm Chart)

A walk-through of all steps needed to go from a basic CentOS 7 install to a running Layar system. In this guide we will go from a basic CentOS 7 install to a fully functioning Layar system. This guide is intended as an example installation only and makes configuration decisions that may not be best […]

Using the Search Bar in Layar

Currently, Layar utilizes keywords and Boolean search parameters to capture documents. Files can be retrieved if the keywords exist in the title, metadata, or (most impressively) within a section of the document.