Generate Your Layar API Keys

How to generate your own Layar API keys within Layar.

Step 1. Click the three dot icon located in the top left of the Layar home page.

Step 2. Select “Generate API Access Token“.

Step 3. Click “Generate Access Keys” to confirm.

Step 4. Save your access keys somewhere safe where you can reference them later. You will need both your Client ID and Client Secret to access the Layar APIs.

Layar Installation Guide (CentOS 7, Helm Chart)

A walk-through of all steps needed to go from a basic CentOS 7 install to a running Layar system.

In this guide we will go from a basic CentOS 7 install to a fully functioning Layar system. This guide is intended as an example installation only and makes configuration decisions that may not be best suited for your environment. The following commands should be run as root.

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