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Deep Learning Spreadsheet Application

Synapse provides “Smart Table Technology” that directly connects a user’s spreadsheet content to the analytical capabilities of Layar Data Fabrics.

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Options in Expanded Terms

Expanded terms within Radar have different options as well. Clicking the 3 dot symbol to the right of the related term allows you to: View Evidence Search the Web Copy to Clipboard

Adding Expanded Terms to a Column

Highlight a cell or multiple cells you would like to find related terms for.  Right click the cell(s) and click the Radar – Expand Terms button from the drop down menu or click the radar tab from the right menu bar represented by a radar symbol.  3. Determine what related terms from the index you […]

Sorting in the Radar Tab

Users have different options and combinations of options when sorting the Radar Tab Proximity – Users can filter proximity by most closely related (down arrow) and least likely related (up arrow) to represent related terms and their relation to the cell that was selected. Trending – This filter will show the relation between related terms […]

Filtering in the Radar Tab

Below are the different filter options for Radar Tab Click the filter button at the top of the radar tab represented by a funnel icon  The Search Bar allows users to search for specifics in the related terms list  Source Filter enables users to select what sources within Synapse they would like to filter the […]

What is the Radar tab?

The Radar tab assists users in finding contextually similar terms to highlighted terms in their table based on current sources in the system. From this section, users can also search the web and view evidence for expanded terms in the list. For example, add the term ‘headache’ to a cell in your table and find […]

How to Upload a File to Sources

Click the Data Sources tab on the right menu bar on the home screen. Scroll down to the User Upload Section. Drag and Drop an accepted file type (.pdf, .doc, .docx) anywhere into Synapse to add the file to sources.

How to Filter the Evidence Tab

Highlight the cell(s) you would like to search within the Evidence Tab.  Click the Evidence Tab or right click the cell(s) and select View Evidence from the drop down menu.  Click the Filter button at the top right of the evidence tab represented by a funnel symbol.  Filter by Standard, User or User Uploaded Sources […]

Options for Evidence Articles

Users have different options within individual articles in the evidence tab. Open Abstract – Users can click on an individual article/source and it will open an enlarged abstract within the evidence tab. View Website – Click the blue view website button, this will open a separate tab within your web browser of the article. 3. […]

Creating a New Term from Evidence

Open the Evidence Tab from a term within your Workspace.  Within an article/evidence highlight the word(s) that you would like to add to your smart table as a term. Beneath the highlighted term, a blue “+” button will appear. Click the “+” button . A drop down menu will appear. Choose the column header that […]

Navigating the Detail Tab

Click on the individual cell you would like to learn more information about.  Click the Detail tab on the right menu bar of your screen represented by an “i” symbol.  Choose from the three blue highlighted options of – View Evidence, Search Web, and Wikipedia   Clicking View Evidence will open the evidence tab – […]

What is the Evidence Tab?

The Evidence Tab is the area for users to access articles from Data Sources within Synapse based on selections from their Workspace. Simply highlight one or more cells from your Smart Table and search the Evidence view to gain a deeper understanding of your data. For example, add the terms ‘headache’ and ‘sinus pressure’ to […]

Add and Delete Rows in a Workspace

Right click a row within the workspace Click Add Row Above or Add Row Below from the drop down menu OR Scroll to the bottom of the workspace and click the gray “+” button at the bottom of the table to add a row

How to Add and Delete Columns in a Workspace

Adding a Column to a Workspace Click the gray “+” button to the right of the column to add a new column OR From a table, right click the column header next to where you would like to add a column.  From the drop down menu select either,  the Add Column Before or the Add […]

Filtering within a Column

Click the filter icon on the right side of the column header cell of the column you would like to organize. This icon is represented by a funnel symbol. A pop up window will appear where users can search a term that they would like to use to filter a column.  If a user no […]

Operating Within a Cell

Users are able to access “quick links” by right clicking on an individual cell. Below are descriptions of the different options a user has when right clicking a cell. View Detail – Clicking this button will open the Detail tab on the right of the home screen to view different detail quick link options. Radar […]

Operating within a Row

Users can organize and customize rows from the row options drop down menu. Users can right click on the number cell of the row they would like to work within. Below are the descriptions of each of the options in the drop down menu. Radar Expand Terms – Clicking this button will allow users to […]

Operating within a Column

Radar Expand Terms – Clicking this button will allow users to see radar terms based on all cells within a column. To learn what Radar Terms do, click here.  View Evidence – Clicking this button will allow users to view evidence from sources within Synapse that include all terms in the column. Evidence will be […]

Options within a Workspace

Users can edit the format, share and delete a table from the drop down menu located next to the Table Title section.  Share Workspace Link – Clicking this button will give the user a link that can be copied and sent to users on their team to view.  Edit Workspace Sources – Clicking this button […]

Creating a Workspace

How to Import a Workspace Click the Hamburger Button located at the top of the Synapse home screen. Users can drag and drop a table they have already created outside of Synapse – file types that can be used are listed at the bottom of the window Your file will automatically be added to your […]

What is a Workspace

Tables in their simplest form are spreadsheets that you can upload into the app or create yourself. Workspaces in Synapse give users a platform to organize information and build off that information from sources within the app and across the web. Workspaces give users a way to structure their data from multiple interfaces in one […]

Adding Users to your Table in Synapse

How to share a table in Synapse Once you create a table in Synapse, users are able to share it with other users in your account to view and edit. Go to the table you would like to share with team members At the top right of your screen click the gray “+” button A […]

Searching Columns in Synapse

Users can highlight a full column in their Workspace by clicking the column header. Highlighting the entire column will allow users to search Radar and Evidence for all terms in the column.  In Radar The expanded terms will bring up options that are related to all terms within the highlighted column from the smart table.  […]

What is Synapse

“Synapse provides “Smart Table Technology” that directly connects a users spreadsheet content to the analytical capabilities of Layar Data Fabrics.”

Searching Multiple Terms in Synapse

Users can search multiple terms in their Workspace in Radar and Evidence. Users can do this by highlighting multiple cells at one time. In Radar The expanded terms will bring up options that are related to all highlighted terms from the smart table.  In Evidence Evidence will be ranked from top to bottom based on […]