At Vyasa, we believe in the power of deep learning to deliver results, not just promise.

Our platform uses proven models to provide value, with a team that
brings years of innovation and experience to the effort.

You can count on our suite of applications to harness data, whether
your organization has business intelligence needs or is in the higher
education, government or healthcare and life science spaces.

Our Philosophy

We recognize that early iterations of artificial intelligence came with excessive hype and may not have fully delivered, always looking to the horizon to achieve their potential. By combining a data fabric architecture with novel approaches to deep learning, we believe that future has arrived and is here to stay. We’re already revolutionizing our relationship with data, moving away from rote processing and toward true insight.

These benefits are particularly applicable in fields with large pools of data, disparate sources and complex variables. With our Layar platform, you finally have the secure data solution you need, at scale. Unexpected knowledge and informed decision-making are within your reach.



Our Story

The inspiration for our name comes from India, where CEO & founder Dr. Christopher Bouton lived as a young boy. Vyasa is the name of a revered sage in Hinduism, someone who compiled sacred texts, brought together knowledge from many sources and shared what he found through storytelling.

Christopher lived in India for four years and developed a great respect for the many belief systems and historic writings developed there, drawn from a deep and rich tapestry of knowledge and thought. He believes modern data has the ability to tell important, valuable stories — stories that technology such as deep learning can help us access.