The Vyasa platform includes access to the Layar data fabric, as well as Axon, Cortex, Synapse and Retina application interfaces. 

Each demo instance includes access to a secure Layar data fabric with integrated biomedical data sources via Vyasa’s Canonical Data Fabric. 

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Access the Layar API

The Vyasa Layar APIs come with several deep learning text and compound analytic endpoints to draw biomedical insights from the Vyasa Canonical Data Fabric. Build your applications with Vyasa’s APIs to apply named entity recognition to scientific literature and real-world data, enhance search capabilities with the power of deep learning or improve document insight extraction. Users can also integrate our toxicity prediction deep learning models into existing compound pipelines.

You can access a secure Layar data fabric with integrated reference biomedical data plus your own data sources via our APIs.

Partner Registration

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