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Law firm associates spend roughly 35% of their time, or 15 hours per-week, conducting research tasks.1 These tasks are largely conducted online across multiple sources and leveraging various research tools.


Effective research is a critical step of any legal team’s activity – from analyzing cases to identifying laws to determining legal precedent. Collecting these insights requires sifting through large sets of unstructured content, including published reports, legal filings, written case notes and more. Unfortunately, the industry has largely relied on manual processes for conducting this research which is time and labor intensive. As a result, insights are often missed and legal professionals assigned to these tasks often become disengaged or burnout.


Advancements in data management and deep learning are addressing this issue head on. A new data architecture known as the data fabric, enables legal professionals to catalog all of their research data sources in one place, regardless of file format or storage location. The data fabric then acts as an engine for deep learning models to perform text analytics making content easily searchable.

With Vyasa’s Layar data fabric and novel deep learning applications, these capabilities are combined into a single platform enabling legal professionals to:

  • Make data sources accessible across departments. (No need to duplicate your data or storage and no data lake required.)
  • Easily research large sets of documents via natural language question answering.
  • Explore search outcomes via highly-visual applications including knowledge graphs, tables and dashboards.
  • Improve the discovery of novel insights hidden within unstructured content such as reports and case documents.

With Vyasa, legal professionals can improve query accuracy by 97% while decreasing analysis time by 90% leading to more efficient research and smarter legal insights.

1 Lastres, S. Rebooting Legal Research in a Digital Age