Nature Biopharma Dealmakers: Advancing data discovery in the life sciences through artificial intelligence

Vyasa, which was founded in 2016 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts, provides highly scalable deep-learning software and analytics for healthcare and life-sciences applications. Named after the Sanskrit व्यास (Vyāsaḥ, a legendary sage who compiled the Hindu epic Mahabharata), Vyasa enables organizations to access, integrate and distill disparate data sources, regardless of their location or structure and without moving or replicating the data. The company’s suite of deep-learning-based applications is designed to optimize the path from large-scale, noisy data to critical insights, and support faster, more accurate, research and business decisions.

At the heart of Vyasa’s platforms are deep-learning algorithms that can help unlock, fuse and extract invaluable information contained in previously intractable data types, such as unstructured text and images (Fig. 1). In combination with an industry-leading infrastructure for securely providing these deep-learning systems at scale, the company’s analytics solutions are rapidly becoming the deep-learning platform of choice for partners looking to effectively advance their therapeutics and diagnostics research and development programs.

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