Navigating the Detail Tab

  1. Click on the individual cell you would like to learn more information about. 
  2. Click the Detail tab on the right menu bar of your screen represented by an “i” symbol. 
  3. Choose from the three blue highlighted options of – View Evidence, Search Web, and Wikipedia  
  4. Clicking View Evidence will open the evidence tab – represented by a finger print – and will give users sources for your selected term based on the information already in the system. 
  5. Clicking Search Web will open a new tab in your web browser with a web search of your selected term.
  6. Clicking Wikidpedia will open a new tab in your web browser in Wikipedia
  7. Click the X button at the top right of the Detail tab to close. 
  1. Based on the cell you selected, Synapse will give you list of related terms.
  2. Users can add related terms to their table by choosing a column to add their related terms to from the drop down menu
  3. Once a column is selected, click the gray “+” button next to the related terms you would like to add
  1. If you want to learn more about the related term, click the 3 dot icon to the right of the term to search on the web, or view Evidence
  2. Users can click the 3 dot icon to also copy the related term to their clipboard