Real-Time Dashboards

A laptop screen shows Layar’s Axon app running a query using its deep learning text analytics.

Easily monitor trends, identify needs in the market, discover emerging technologies, streamline competitor intelligence and more.

Vyasa Signal features an intuitive design for you to visualize your Layar data fabric through easy-to-analyze line, bar and pie charts. Your organization can be alerted to new developments in real-time and quickly deliver reports that include internal and external data. 

Key Features

Vyasa Signal enables you to:

  1. Visualize term usage and frequency in your data via line, bar and pie charts.
  2. Monitor terms and concepts of interest across multiple cloud and on-premise data sources.
  3. Discover common concepts that relate to the terms and data you’re monitoring.
  4. Identify emerging terms and trends with named entity recognition.
  5. Receive real-time alerts to events in your data.
  6. Filter charts and graphs to receive dynamic results for comparisons and reporting.
  7. Query across multiple data sources and file types.

Common Concepts

Signal leverages named entity recognition (NER) to identify and categorize terms and phrases occurring in your data fabric. The Concepts from Evidence feature allows you to identify common terms and how frequently they are used in your data as well as discover new trends and emerging technologies to monitor.

Monitor Data Sources

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your most active data sources. Signal provides an interactive chart to see where your data is coming from and what sources are delivering the most results for specific terms and searches. 

Gain Critical Context

Signal’s evidence view allows you to gain key context around the trends and events occurring in your Layar data fabric. Named entity recognition (NER) accelerates your ability to identify key insights within your evidence.

Biomedical Literature in Vyasa's Canonical Data Fabric

Vyasa Reference Data Fabric

Gain real-time insights from the latest research and content published by the healthcare and life science industries. Vyasa’s Reference Data Fabric is a collection of biomedical resources that can be seamlessly searched and analyzed via powerful transformer-based deep learning models.

Use Cases


It’s never been easier to share, store and replicate data thanks to our increasingly digital working environments. While this scenario has made activities like collaboration and remote work seamless, the deluge of new data produced within organizations is creating strains on IT systems and resulting headaches for the professionals in charge of managing them. Considering […]

Vyasa features a suite of application interfaces
for exploring your data fabric.