Take insight extraction to new levels

Backed by our Layar data fabric and deep learning text analytics, Synapse provides an elegant path for taking a deep dive into your structured and unstructured data and data streams. Establish topics and then use natural language queries to populate the application’s smart spreadsheets, capturing and organizing valuable insights.

Your organization can also pull desired content out document by document, at unrivaled speed and scale. Data-mining projects that once took a week or more can now get completed in a day, reducing the need for teams of researchers and manual work.

Key Features

Robust features in Synapse spreadsheets help your team easily find what you need:

1. Smart Columns

Synapse makes advanced querying easy with its intelligent columns. The spreadsheets are flexible and offer numerous configurations. You can list related topics and then use subsequent column headers to pose questions using natural language. Receive answer summaries pulled from the data fabric and displayed in the remaining cells. Deep learning lets Synapse continuously refine its answers as you work in the domain.


2. Radar Tool

Vyasa’s radar tool enables users to discover similar words and phrases. Users can decide whether to add any to the spreadsheet for analysis. 


3. Evidence Tool

After Synapse displays query answers in the spreadsheet, engage the evidence tool to see the exact content sections supporting each decision. Quickly assess the quality of the supporting evidence and, if desired, open the full source document.

Applications for Document Insight Extraction

Using Layar’s algorithms, Synapse can help you:

  • Turn unstructured content into structured insights
  • Extract desired information from a large batch of files at once, document by document
  • Fine-tune results with the power of human curators
  • Export evidence into CSV for further downstream analytics
  • Foster team collaboration across multiple projects and delegate individual tasks

Vyasa Reference Data Fabric

Gain real-time insights from the latest research and content published by the healthcare and life science industries. Vyasa’s Reference Data Fabric is a collection of biomedical resources that can be seamlessly searched and analyzed via powerful transformer-based deep learning models.

Biomedical Literature in Vyasa's Canonical Data Fabric

Use Cases


More than 90% of clinical-trial compounds fail to demonstrate sufficient efficacy and safety. To mitigate this issue, many look to third-parties to conduct extensive research via systematic literature review (SLR) to gather the relevant information needed to validate the investment and approach to a trial. While providing valuable insight, each SLR can cost over $140,000. […]

Vyasa features a suite of application interfaces
for exploring your data fabric.