Press Release: Vyasa Layar Now Available in AWS Marketplace

BOSTON, September 22, 2021Vyasa Analytics, an innovative provider of highly scalable deep learning A.I. analytics software for healthcare, life sciences and business applications, today announced the availability of Vyasa Layar in the AWS Marketplace. A next-generation data fabric solution, Vyasa Layar allows data scientists and business professionals to unify data across disparate silos, regardless of where it exists or how it’s structured. 

Available as a self-deployable container, AWS Marketplace customers can quickly enable secure and highly-scalable data management and analytics capabilities across the full landscape of an organization’s data. By connecting structured and unstructured data into a dynamic and flexible data fabric, Vyasa Layar allows users to perform sophisticated text and image analytics on the integrated data to uncover new insights and make faster, more accurate business decisions. 

Vyasa Layar Deep Learning Data Fabric

With an AWS subscription, users can also access Vyasa’s collection of deep learning applications, including the company’s knowledge graph capability Axon and its smart table technology Synapse. In addition, users will have access to the Vyasa Canonical Data Fabric, the world’s first API-accessible BERT-modeled biomedical data catalog with millions of documents across gold-standard sources like PubMed,, the U.S. Patent Office and more that can enhance business intelligence, research and development.

“Companies are sitting on a goldmine of data, but find themselves without the tools to effectively integrate and access it across their organization to glean valuable insights,” said Dr. Christopher Bouton, founder and CEO of Vyasa Analytics. “Vyasa Layar was developed specifically to solve this issue as an easy-to-adopt software solution. Making Layar accessible as a self-deployable container on the AWS Marketplace is the next step in helping companies enhance their data management while gaining actionable insights that can only be uncovered through a combination of a scalable data fabric and powerful deep learning analytics.” 

To access Vyasa Layar, please visit the AWS Marketplace

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Founded in 2016, Vyasa Analytics provides highly-scalable deep learning software and analytics for healthcare, life sciences and business applications. Vyasa’s technologies enable organizations to integrate and access data across disparate silos, regardless of location or structure. With Vyasa’s collection of deep learning applications, users can ask complex questions across large-scale data sets and gain critical insights to make faster, more accurate, business decisions. For more information, please visit 

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