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Synapse is a deep learning powered text analytics platform that enables novel workflows, saving time and helping find needles in the haystack, for a broad range of use cases in legal, competitive intelligence, business development, life sciences and healthcare verticals. Synapse provides a novel analytics bridge between structured and unstructured data silos in enterprise organizations. Synapse unleashes the value of data and enables better decision making.

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Cortex™ enables a range of deep learning analytics on image data. Pattern matching, object recognition, image annotation, and segmentation operations are all possible in Cortex’s intuitive drag and drop interface.

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Layar™ is a secure, highly scalable, data fabric platform built specifically for enterprise analytics. Layar is built on Apache Spark, Elasticsearch, and Cassandra, making it optimized for both volume and velocity. In addition to powering both Synapse and Cortex, Layar can be added to existing enterprise data fabric architectures to augment analytics capabilities or can operate as a stand alone data fabric for text, image, and data stream integration and analytics.

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