Layar is a secure, highly scalable data fabric platform built specifically for deep learning AI analytics.

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Some of the greatest challenges in the age of enterprise data analytics are storing, searching and processing the large volume of data being collected. Scalability and flexibility are extremely important when building an analytics infrastructure, as volume and velocity are often moving targets.

Layar™ is a highly scalable deep learning AI infrastructure built specifically for enterprise data analytics. Each Layar instance is a client specific, secure, self-contained platform that can be deployed on cloud (Google Cloud, AWS) or on-premise. With Layar’s hybrid GPU/CPU architecture and GPU Smart Switching capability, deep learning training and model utilization runs seamlessly and efficiently.

Layar is the server side engine that powers Vyasa’s other offerings, Cortex and Synapse. It can also be utilized as a stand alone infrastructure. Layar provides API access to the full range of Vyasa’s deep learning analytical module library for programmatic interaction.

Features & Benefits


Layar is built as a scalable infrastructure. It can scale horizontally, accommodating the ingestion and storage of massive amounts of data. Layar is equipped to handle a wide range of unstructured and structured data types. It’s built on Spark and is capable of performing efficient searches across this data using centralized search. Users can leverage scalable CPU/GPU processing power depending on each use case, and write custom scripts to perform analytics.

With Layar you get exactly what you need, when you need it.


Layar can be integrated seamlessly into any existing data storage systems, cloud based or on-premise. Layar’s restful API can be connected to custom analytics systems and gives users access to Vyasa’s library of backend analytics and model management modules.


Layar utilizes a highly secure and self-contained infrastructure. Each instance of Layar is single tenant and the data is completely siloed. It can be deployed on Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, or even on-premise. Layar has a robust multi-user permissions system that ensures that all members of the team get access to exactly the elements of the system necessary.

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