Webinar: SAP.iO Health Science Demo Day

We’ve had the distinct honor of being one of the eight international startups selected for the SAP.iO Foundry Berlin health sciences startup program. As members of the cohort, we’ve gained access to SAP technology, received insight from line of business experts and had the opportunity to collaborate with the SAP team on projects. 

What’s most exciting, is the opportunity for us to expand the capabilities of our Layar data fabric. Working closely with the SAP team, we’re developing an SAP HANA connector for Layar, introducing new levels of integrations between structured and unstructured data.

In the recent SAP.iO Foundry Berlin Health Science demo day, our CEO & founder, Christopher Bouton, presented on the progress we’ve made during the program. Tune to the 38:00 minute mark to see his presentation!

Watch below.

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