Business Intelligence Solutions

Vyasa Layar provides the flexibility and analytics your organization needs, whether it’s working in legal, marketing, finance, manufacturing or another high-stakes space.

Today’s business intelligence relies on acquiring and storing massive amounts of data, then leveraging it into actionable insights.

In reality, most systems strain to effectively utilize data repositories and dynamic data streams, even if those systems are fairly modern. They also struggle with unstructured data, the information that lacks a tidy format but can contain a company’s most potentially valuable insights (think patent filings, legal cases, term sheets, letters of intent, published research, etc.). As a result, those data sources remain largely untapped.

A screenshot of the Layar platform shows a sample page of its deep learning analytics.

Deep Learning Text Analytics for Business Intelligence

Our Layar platform helps uncover hidden information for your business intelligence needs through:

Easy and Secure Unification

Layar employs a novel data architecture called a data fabric. Rather than moving or reconfiguring your data, you simply establish connectors across silos to create a data fabric. The platform is deployable on-premise or as a cloud-hosted solution.

True Understanding

Deep learning models comprehend language nuances and can parse, mine and deliver relevant content. Instead of spending hundreds of manual hours searching through unstructured data, Layar can quickly pull insights while avoiding mistakes common to human efforts. The platform also harnesses named-entity recognition (NER) to identify and categorize key terms. For example, it flags organizations, people and locations for business development. And it recognizes semantically similar terms and related concepts.

Constant Optimization

While Layar is robust and precise from the get-go, its algorithms actively train on content already pulled in and content still arriving. That learning allows it to constantly refine its performance and tailor it not just to your market, but to your specific organizational needs.

User Accessibility

Low code interfaces and the ability to pose search queries in natural language make the Layar platform accessible to a range of team members and skill sets. Built-in content comprehension also reduces the need for subject matter expertise.

Uses in Business Intelligence

  • Identify emergent technologies, patents and companies
  • Unify different data sets into a single view
  • Collect supporting legal cases, and quickly populate tables with dates, details and decisions
  • Track mentions of your products, or a competitor’s
  • Identify potential customers
  • Discover, monitor and analyze trends
  • Evaluate and manage service contracts
  • Handle systems integrations for mergers and acquisitions
  • Improve call center response and accuracy

A crowd of business commuters moves through a transportation hub. The Layar platform helps businesses leverage massive amounts of data for actionable insights.

Use Cases

Smarter Manufacturing with an Intelligent Data Fabric

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It’s never been easier to share, store and replicate data thanks to our increasingly digital working environments. While this scenario has made activities like collaboration and remote work seamless, the deluge of new data produced within organizations is creating strains on IT systems and resulting headaches for the professionals in charge of managing them. Considering […]

Vyasa features a suite of application interfaces
for exploring your data fabric.