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Higher education is rich in valuable data, from results saved by research labs to content catalogued by libraries. Such content keeps growing day by day. The Layar platform provides a secure and easily implemented solution for higher ed data management.

One of the biggest challenges for higher ed IT teams is how information is stored – typically department by department, across various platforms and file formats. As a result, numerous data silos develop at each institution, making IT management a chore and knowledge sharing across programs and departments nearly impossible.

Layar removes these obstacles, relieving IT strain and unlocking critical insights to improve research and foster innovation.

A screenshot shows the Layar data fabric working across an organization’s data sources. With Layar, IT data teams don’t need to duplicate data or create a data lake.

Data Architecture
Solutions for Higher Ed IT

Layar provides a secure and easily implemented infrastructure that is deployable on-premise or via the cloud.

Rather than moving or reconfiguring institutional data, IT teams can deploy a Layar data fabric to connect institutional data silos into a single platform. They don’t need to duplicate data or storage or create a data lake. They also don’t need to worry about file formats or data locations. Layar does the work.

Deep Learning

The platform understands language nuances and recognizes key concepts in data. It also constantly refines its approach based on your institution’s content and needs. That power makes content immediately searchable and accessible within a single platform.

Easy Management

System administrators can encourage collaboration across the institution, while assigning access to specific users and various data sets for secure sharing. And while Layar provides a robust solution from the get-go, IT teams have additional, programmatic API access for any specialized needs.

Intuitive Searches

Layar includes additional applications to query data, with simple interfaces that make the software accessible for a range of skill sets. Instead of manual searches, faculty can quickly find what they need, with better accuracy.

Expansive Formats & Sources

Layar covers a vast array of file types including PDFs, hand-written notes, online forms, social media and images. On-premise and cloud-based sources range from Dell PowerEdge and SQL Databases to SAP HANA, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and many more.

Uses in Higher Education

  • Make data sources accessible across departments
  • Enable new ways for researchers to explore their data through highly visual applications
  • Improve the discovery of novel insights hidden within unstructured content such as PDFs and images
  • Create an easy-to-search index of a university library
  • Enhanced systematic literature reviews
  • Make scanned documents easily searchable and accessible
  • Improve archive management

A higher ed IT professional works with a colleague to easily explore a catalog of university data.

Use Cases


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Vyasa features a suite of application interfaces
for exploring your data fabric.