State & Local Government Solutions

Digitizing state and municipal data can lead to easier data searches, better collaboration and improved remote operation support. Our Layar platform provides an organized solution.

State and local governments have been struggling to digitize a wide array of physical documents, from permits and inspection records to legal filings and budget documents. They face many obstacles. Scanned documents remain unstructured, making them difficult to search. And data gets pushed into digital silos that don’t work well with each other.

With Vyasa, state and local governments can become more resilient and robust. Documents also become easy to search, explore and visualize, regardless of format or storage location. Pertinent information can be gathered in minutes instead of hours and days.

A screenshot shows the Layar platform’s novel data fabric connecting records from multiple data sources.

Government Data
Infrastructure with Layar

The Layar platform employs a novel data architecture called a data fabric. Rather than moving or reconfiguring documents, it drapes a data fabric across the digital records to connect them in one platform.

IT teams don’t need to worry about document format or digital location. And they don’t need to duplicate documents or move them into a data lake. Layar does the work. That approach finally makes government records easy to search and manage.

Features of Layar include:

Seamless Implementation

Layar automatically indexes and analyzes records for a municipality, county or state, whether stored in on-site servers for in the cloud.

Secure Management

IT teams assign tailored access to individual employees and officials.

Powerful Tools

Layar uses deep learning models to understand the content of each record, with the ability to understand language nuances and identify key terms. That comprehension allows it to answer queries posed in natural language.

Intuitive Searches

Simple interfaces makes data connected to Layar accessible for a range of skill sets. Users can quickly find what they need, with better accuracy.

Uses in State & Local Government

  • Improve accessibility of newly scanned documents
  • Enhance management of archival records
  • Accelerate research for legal clerks
  • Population health analysis
  • Budget forecasting
  • Monitor emerging technology & procurement strategy
  • Customer service and call center response

    A photo shows a closeup of shelving stocked with paper records and files. Layar automatically gathers records for a municipality, county or state, whether stored in on-site servers or on the cloud.

    Use Cases


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    Vyasa features a suite of application interfaces
    for exploring your data fabric.