Scaling AI in Healthcare & Life Science with Intelligent Data Fabrics – Vyasa at SC22 with Oracle, NVIDIA

According to IDC’s AI InfrastructureView Survey, only one-third of companies surveyed claim to have reached mature AI adoption. The survey notes that infrastructure remains the most consequential, but least mature decision when deploying AI. 

In most cases, companies build custom environments for deploying AI, all of which require massive amounts of data for their workflows to operate. Unfortunately, this scenario poses challenges by deepening data silos and creating redundant or obsolete data as AI deployments become mature. Over time, this negatively impacts the quality of data teams have access to as well as the productivity and enhanced intelligence companies are looking to achieve through these projects.

A Paradigm Shift in Data Analytics

Innovations in data management and deep learning are addressing this issue and presenting a paradigm shift in how companies access and apply analytics to their data. Known as a data fabric, companies can now overcome silos by making data accessible and searchable in a single platform. 

At Vyasa, we’ve combined this approach with advanced deep learning to create our Layar intelligent data fabric. With Layar, companies can connect to disparate data sources regardless of storage location. Layar then applies transformer-based deep learning to the connected data sources, making the content easily searchable and accessible all in natural language. This enables Layar to expand its understanding of both structured and unstructured data, allowing companies to gain new insight and value across their data landscape. 

As a result, companies can scale AI deployments by applying deep learning models across silos via the Layar data fabric.

Accelerated Analytics with Vyasa, Oracle and NVIDIA

Innovative cloud infrastructure from Oracle leveraging NVIDIA accelerated computing provides a high-performance environment for deploying a Layar data fabric.

As an Independent Software Vendor partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN)  ISV Partner, Vyasa accelerates these capabilities with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, which includes essential AI workflow processing engines from NVIDIA, including transformer-based deep learning models like NeMo Megatron, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, NVIDIA RAPIDS data science libraries and more.

Deep Learning Hits its Stride in Healthcare 

Healthcare technology leaders are prioritizing data integration, NLP and data annotation in their AI investments, according to recent reports from Gartner. The Layar data fabric provides a suite of low-code application interfaces that meets many of these priorities, enabling healthcare and life science teams to:

  • Accelerate early research and systematic literature review
  • Enhance clinical trial assessment and enrollment
  • Complement small compound analysis 
  • Improve target discovery
  • Better analyze genomics content
  • Streamline analyses of biomedical images

With Layar, users have experienced a 97% improvement in query accuracy for clinical trial protocol assessment and a 25% increase in productivity when compared to manual literature review.

Vyasa, Oracle and NVIDIA at SC22 

Interested in learning more about Vyasa’s deep learning analytics for healthcare & life science? Visit our demo in the Oracle & NVIDIA booth #2406 at SC22 from November 14-17. 

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