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The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred innovation in state and local governments. A critical part of these efforts is modernizing IT systems that can support remote operations and collaboration across departments. As municipalities look critically at their current infrastructure, it’s clear that digital transformation will play a key role in years to come.


As part of the IT modernization process, governments have been undertaking massive projects to digitize records, turning difficult to manage physical documents into unstructured and siloed data sources. These data sources include:

  • Permits & certificates
  • Public health records
  • Court & legal filings
  • Budget forecasts
  • Environmental analysis

While a step in the right direction, this issue doesn’t make records any easier to search or manage. Tackling data accessibility problems will be key to making a more resilient and collaborative government sector a reality.


A new data architecture is changing the way government IT professionals can approach modernizing their data infrastructure. Known as the data fabric, IT teams can securely unify data sources across departments of government, regardless of whether files are stored on premise or in the cloud. No need to duplicate your data or storage and no data lake required.

Vyasa takes this a step further with its Layar deep learning data fabric. Combining the data fabric architecture with novel approaches to deep learning, IT teams that integrate their data within Layar make their content easy to search, explore and visualize, regardless of file format. This makes researching and accessing legal files, public health records, permits and certificates and more a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.

Listed as the #1 strategic technology trend for 2020 by Gartner1, data fabrics are poised to eliminate the need for costly data migrations that can consume budgets and create new data management issues for IT teams.

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