Unstructured data is information that either does not have a pre-defined data model or is not organized in a pre-defined manner. It is typically text-heavy, but may contain data such as dates, numbers, and facts as well. The information is highly valuable, especially in healthcare and life sciences, however searching unstructured data is difficult, as well as making sense of it all. Here is where deep learning algorithms can really help. Deep learning algorithms have ushered in a new era of opportunity to derive insights at scale from unstructured data, as well as from images and data streams. These novel AI analytic tools require a data architecture that can more effectively support them with features such as flexibility, scalability, security, and automation.

Vyasa Analytics is a part of NVIDIA Inception, which is an acceleration platform for AI, data science, and HPC startups, that providesing criticial go-to-market support, expertise, and technology. Vyasa is using NVIDIA’s Clara Discovery’s Biomegatron language model and NVIDIA DGX systems, along with proprietary deep learning analytics modules, to enable a next generation data integration and analytics architecture for life sciences and healthcare organizations. The company’s GPU-accelerated Vyasa Layar acts as a deep learning data fabric that can power solutions for multi-institutional cancer research, clinical trial protocol design, and biomedical data harmonization.

NVIDIA Clara™ Discovery, combines the power of accelerated computing, AI, and machine learning to supercharge the entire drug development process, aiming to discover therapeutics in silico, saving time and costs on drug development. Clara Discovery is a collection of frameworks, applications, and AI models enabling GPU-accelerated drug discovery, with support for research in genomics, proteomics, microscopy, virtual screening, computational chemistry, visualization, clinical imaging, and natural language processing (NLP). Browse these tools, including Vyasa Layar, in the NGC™ catalog, NVIDIA’s hub for GPU-optimized software. Vyasa is presenting a talk titled “Utilizing Data Fabrics to Enable GPU-Accelerated Unstructured Text Analytics” at NVIDIA’s GTC ’21 Spring conference beginning on Monday, April 12th. Register here for free to attend this talk as well as over 170 other healthcare, life science and biomedical NLP related sessions.