Webinar: Eliminate Data Silos. Fuel Faster Research

Siloed data is the thorn in the side of modern-day working environments. Researchers spend far too much time searching for data rather than analyzing it. While IT professionals are challenged with providing the technical support behind these tasks. 

However, researchers and IT professionals can eliminate the headaches associated with data silos to fuel faster research times and smarter insights through data fabric architectures. In a recent webinar, CDI, NVIDIA, & Vyasa demonstrated how our Layar data fabric and associated deep learning applications are changing the way IT professionals and researchers approach their data. 

During the session, CDI, NVIDIA & Vyasa explored…

  • How data fabric architectures unify data without moving or duplicating content.
  • How deep learning analytics leveraging GPUs can unlock new insights from difficult-to-access documents such as PDFs and images.
  • New ways to visualize data through dynamic knowledge graphs and smart tables. 
  • How the latest GPU systems from NVIDIA are driving new capabilities in AI and deep learning.

Watch below.

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