White Paper: Shining a Light on Your Dark Data

Organizations across industries are struggling to make use of their rapidly growing data sets. In most cases, those tasked with trying to manage or bring value to this data are met with frustration, wasting time and resources.

Data scientists and researchers are spending too much time finding the data they need when they should be spending their time doing what they do best: the actual data science or research. This scenario has several negative impacts. While your experts are digging through data instead of fulfilling their primary job responsibilities, project timelines get delayed. There may be inaccurate outcomes due to human error. And certainly, the organization will suffer financially when highly qualified professionals are focused on tedious, less profitable work.

Could artificial intelligence (AI) be the solution? There has been plenty of AI hype in recent years. Savvy business leaders are starting to ask how AI can make a difference for their organizations.

The key is a specific type of AI called deep learning. Deep learning algorithms can peer into your data and glean previously undiscoverable insights. Now, thanks to several enabling technologies (GPUs for computational power and novel algorithms for analytics), Vyasa is using deep learning to harness and extract value from your data in an entirely new way. And the best news is this new method works even if your data is unstructured and dispersed. You don’t have to clean up the data before putting it to work.

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