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Connect spreadsheets to documents & data streams for novel deep learning powered analytics.

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Collaborative deep learning powered image analytics platform.

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Secure, highly scalable data fabric platform built specifically for deep learning AI analytics.

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Highly-Scalable Deep Learning Software

Vyasa Analytics provides highly-scalable deep learning software and analytics. We enable organizations to ask complex questions across large scale data sets, and gain critical insights to make better business decisions.


Layar™, Synapse, and Cortex™ work together to enable secure, highly scalable deep learning analytics on enterprise data sources.


Get the most out of your data with a custom data fabric and deep learning powered software solution from Vyasa.

Legal Research

Manual research is time consuming and modern search tools are limited in scope. Synapse utilizes its understanding of semantics to drive efficient discovery and allows the focus to return to the current case.

Breast Cancer Detection

Detection of breast cancer on screening mammography is challenging as an image classification task because cancerous tissue only represents a small portion of the tissue in the image. Cortex rises to the challenge with localized tiling to deliver state of the art results.

Crystal Morphology Classification

Microscopic images of drug crystals are generally evaluated and classified by subject matter experts, a bottleneck in the process that Cortex can help solve.

Rare Disease Research

Rare diseases are those that affect less than 200,000 people and, as can be expected, studying these elusive diseases can be difficult. Synapse allows efficient and deep exploration of massive amounts of text data that might otherwise remain hidden.

Identifying Emergent Companies and Patents

Automated identification of emergent technologies, patents, and companies from unstructured text can be challenging. Synapse can uncover even the most obscured similarities between technologies hidden deep in documents, making discovery efficient and effective.

Identifying Competitors and Customers

Business intelligence focuses on the acquisition of huge quantities of data and leveraging that data into actionable insights. Synapse Radar and Trendlines enable deep, efficient research to uncover information hidden in text.

How Vyasa Is Using Deep Learning Software To Help The Pharmaceutical Industry Advance R&D

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