Forget the Format: Deep Learning for Unstructured Content

The way organizations think about data management has changed significantly in recent years. Historically, structured data sources that could be easily saved in spreadsheets were the only assets prioritized. They are easy to search and analyze, thanks to consistent formatting of rows and columns of data consisting of patient health records, financial transactions, customer information, inventory, etc.

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Press Release: Vyasa Selected for SAP.iO Health Sciences Startup Program

BOSTON, October 7, 2021Vyasa, an innovative provider of highly scalable deep learning A.I. analytics software for healthcare, life sciences and business applications, has been selected to participate in the SAP.iO Foundry Berlin health sciences startup program. Recently launched by SAP SE, the program will provide support for, and boost the visibility of, participating startups driving the digitalization of healthcare and the life sciences. 

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Podcast: Vyasa Analytics is Bringing Next Gen Data Fabric Architecture to the Life Sciences and Healthcare

We’re just realizing the magnitude of the data challenge we’re all experiencing.

This is particularly true in healthcare and the life sciences where a significant focus has been spent on replicating and storing large swaths of data. But, how valuable is this data if you can’t easily access and derive insights from it?

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White Paper: How Healthcare Organizations are Improving Time to Insights with Data Fabrics

Healthcare and life sciences organizations churn through mountains of data every minute of every day. This creates great strain on their systems to assemble that data across disparate formats and use it effectively for deep learning algorithms. Using an innovative data fabric—teamed with high-performance infrastructure—can help unleash the power of deep learning to improve time to insights for demanding and essential use cases.

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Press Release: Vyasa Layar Now Available in AWS Marketplace

BOSTON, September 22, 2021Vyasa Analytics, an innovative provider of highly scalable deep learning A.I. analytics software for healthcare, life sciences and business applications, today announced the availability of Vyasa Layar in the AWS Marketplace. A next-generation data fabric solution, Vyasa Layar allows data scientists and business professionals to unify data across disparate silos, regardless of where it exists or how it’s structured. 

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Cleaning Up Your Data Mess – Enabling Unstructured Data to Work for You

We’re all guilty of some level of data hoarding. 

On a personal level, that may mean storing duplicates of the same vacation photo in a digital album or saving multiple drafts of a resumé which creates clutter on a personal device or cloud. Now think of this same scenario, but across an entire company. The amount of content stored is now multiplied across each individual, team, business unit, etc. creating mountains of data that are impossible to manage manually.

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