Getting Started – Asking Questions in Axon

Users can ask questions in the search bar that will return real time answers to questions from sources within your data fabric. When a question is asked, it will create a node with the question, and answer nodes will appear and connect to it.

  1. Type a starter question into the search bar at the top of Axon. It can be broad or specific. Ex: What is a symptom of COVID-19? What is a drug in clinical trials for Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP)?
  2. Select the data fabric you want to query. The Default Fabric is a combination of User Uploads and the Life Science Reference Data Fabric.
  3. Select the data providers you want to query (for example “Patents”, “Clinical Trials”, and “User Uploads”). You can select more than one data provider for your search. Selecting no data provider means you are searching across the entire data fabric, and are looking at all of the data providers.
  4. Ask multiple questions in the system to find overlaps or similarities between answers to different questions.