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Understanding the patient journey has been an ongoing challenge for professionals in healthcare and the life sciences. This information can influence paths of care, the discovery of adverse effects, introduce opportunities to innovate around therapeutics and much more.

Today’s digital world presents new opportunities for patients to connect and share information with care providers and support groups – all of which creates valuable insight to influence the patient journey.


Effective patient journey mapping requires analyzing multiple data streams – all of which are being updated on a daily basis. These data streams include:

  • Social media posts
  • Forum discussions
  • Reported patient data
  • Wearable monitoring

Managing these real-world data sources is incredibly time and labor intensive. In most cases, professionals must monitor multiple platforms and pull relevant information into a single source before analysis can even take place.


Advancements in deep learning and data management are revolutionizing how professionals in healthcare and the life sciences manage, access and extract insights from real-world data. Vyasa Synapse leverages deep learning to enable researchers and healthcare professionals to ask complex questions across data sources and receive results in a spreadsheet format. Spreadsheets are updated in real-time, providing users with the most up-to-date patient journey data.

By leveraging Synapse, researchers can improve research accuracy by 97%. Relevant and accurate data is delivered in milliseconds, meaning research times can be cut by as much as 90%. With access to more efficient processes, healthcare providers and life science companies can more accurately map the patient journey – leading to higher-quality care, enhanced product innovation and ultimately a healthier population.