Operationalizing Manufacturing Data for Industry 4.0 with Vyasa and NVIDIA

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing manufacturing – from production on the factory floor to operations in corporate offices. While conversations continue to focus on how robotics and automation tools are presenting new levels of productivity and safety to the industry, the data that manufacturers hold is truly the engine behind making these possibilities a reality. As a result, the market for big data analytics in manufacturing is projected to reach 4.55B by 2026 as the sector continues to adopt “smart industry” initiatives.

Manufacturing Data in the Industry 4.0 Age 

Quantity of data has rarely been an issue for manufacturers, but as the sector continues its transformation to Industry 4.0, the spike in new data is creating challenges for how this valuable information can be managed and operationalized. Manufacturing professionals note data silos, both horizontally and vertically within organizations, as one of the industry’s biggest challenges. These silos are resulting in data locked in machines, within a software dependency, or stuck in “time” – outdated due to manual collection. This scenario creates a lack of visibility across the organization that can limit productivity and access to key insights needed to influence tasks such as quality assurance, production monitoring, incident analysis, forecasting and competitor intelligence. 

Most organizations turn to data lakes or other time-intensive and expensive migrations to attempt to solve this problem. However, advancements in deep learning and data management are changing the way manufacturers can overcome these challenges.

Enhancing Manufacturing Data with Vyasa and NVIDIA

Vyasa has developed a novel approach, known as Layar, for manufacturers to access and analyze their data through an intelligent data fabric. With Layar, manufacturers can connect their data regardless of storage location or file format. Vyasa has collaborated with NVIDIA to accelerate these capabilities with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, which includes core solutions from NVIDIA, including transformer-based deep learning models, NVIDIA RAPIDS, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server and more. Vyasa is also a member of NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture cutting-edge startups.

Combining these solutions revolutionizes the way manufacturers approach their data. This enables content to be easily accessible and searchable, allowing manufacturers to accelerate key processes via low-code deep learning solutions such as:

  • Extracting insights from complex documents and images for streamlined quality assurance, incident analysis and more.
  • Improving competitor and customer intelligence by connecting external sources such as websites or social media feeds to internal data.
  • Visualizing sensor and production data from the factory floor in intuitive charts and graphs.

With an intelligent data fabric, manufacturers can overcome data silos and accelerate their access to data and insights; all while creating a foundation for smart industry initiatives.

Vyasa will be showcasing its Layar intelligent data fabric for manufacturing at HPE Discover from June 28-30. Visit us at NVIDIA’s AI Pavillion in booth 202.