Streamlining the Patient Journey with NVIDIA AI & Dell Technologies

Our increasingly digital world combined with health tech innovations such as wearable devices, has presented new opportunities for how the healthcare industry monitors and understands the patient experience. As a result, healthcare providers are evaluating how to assess even greater amounts of data in an effort to gain a better understanding of the patient experience – which could revolutionize patient care, if only there were fewer challenges associated with data analysis in healthcare. 

The Dark Data Conundrum

On average a single hospital creates 50 petabytes of data a year. Of that data, nearly 97% of it goes unused. This is largely due to the challenges associated with the data which is typically siloed in various storage locations, unstructured and buried under outdated and redundant content. 

While patient journey information is only a portion of this data, its inaccessibility means healthcare providers can only analyze a fraction of the information available to influence better paths of care. Unfortunately, traditional data management and analytics solutions provide little to help address this challenge, leaving teams in charge of collecting this data to rely on manual search and analytics processes. 

Unlocking the Patient Journey 

Understanding the growing data challenges facing healthcare organizations, Vyasa has developed a novel approach for organizations to organize, query and extract insight from their data. 

At the core is our Layar data fabric, a solution that allows organizations to unify disparate data sources from cloud, on-premise and external locations into a single platform without having to move or replicate their data. From there, users can explore their data through a suite of highly-visual deep learning applications.

For organizations mapping patient journeys, this allows them to:

  • Unify patient data sources including social media, forums, wearables and medical records into a single, searchable platform. 
  • Ask questions of their data in natural language, no additional coding required. 
  • Review results in highly-visual interfaces including knowledge graphs, spreadsheets and dashboards.
  • Be alerted to new developments in real-time.
  • Extract unstructured data into structured insights for further analysis.

With access to these capabilities, healthcare providers can streamline their access to patient journey data allowing them to adjust and improve paths of care over time, whether that is by addressing an adverse reaction to a prescription, suggesting an alternative remedy, identifying an emergent issue in advance stages or helping with many more use cases. 

Accelerating Deployment and Performance with Dell Technologies & NVIDIA

We’re working closely with NVIDIA to enhance the deployment and use of Vyasa for healthcare organizations. Key to our collaboration is NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a software suite that streamlines the often significant complexities of integration with existing infrastructure and new applications that would usually take years to complete. These capabilities are built on Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell PowerScale storage solutions to provide flexible scale-out capacity and provide a healthcare data fabric solution within familiar server environments. 

Interested in learning more about how we’re addressing healthcare data challenges and improving patient journey mapping? Visit us in the Global Alliances Pavillion at Dell Technologies World from May 2-5.