build, managE and provision access to data fabrics

The blueprint of the data fabric, Cortex allows users to build, manage and permission access to data sources connected to Vyasa Layar. Users gain a bird’s-eye view of their data and build data fabrics through an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Your organization can share Layar instances across multiple data fabrics and create cross-team collaboration through customized data environments.

Key Features

Intuitive data fabric creation and management allows users to:

  1. Build customized data fabrics based on specific projects or use cases.
  2. Visualize the composition of contents across an organization’s data landscape.
  3. Modify existing data fabrics through a simple drag and drop functionality.
  4. Utilize a full index of data sources in an intuitive self-service manner.
  5. Create user groups based on team member roles and responsibilities.
  6. Permission user group access to individual Layar instances based on privacy and security policies.
  7. Monitor multiple deployed data fabrics in a single dashboard.

Vyasa Reference Data Fabric

Gain real-time insights from the latest research and content published by the healthcare and life science industries. Vyasa’s Reference Data Fabric is a collection of biomedical resources that can be seamlessly searched and analyzed via powerful transformer-based deep learning models.

Biomedical Literature in Vyasa's Canonical Data Fabric

Use Cases


It’s never been easier to share, store and replicate data thanks to our increasingly digital working environments. While this scenario has made activities like collaboration and remote work seamless, the deluge of new data produced within organizations is creating strains on IT systems and resulting headaches for the professionals in charge of managing them. Considering […]

Vyasa features a suite of application interfaces
for exploring your data fabric.