Deep Learning Data Fabric Architecture

Next-Generation Data Fabric Architecture

With the ever increasing velocity and diversity of data, organizations need to catalog, manage and apply advanced analytics across diverse, distributed sources in order to gain critical insights and enable high-value business decisions.

Introducing Vyasa Layar, a next-generation data fabric architecture that can be deployed across cloud and on-prem environments to enable secure, highly-scalable data management, cataloging, metadata tagging, analytics and content indexing across the full landscape of an organization’s most critical asset, its data.

Seeing, managing and utilizing the full tapestry of data within an organization is challenging. Vyasa Layar brings together cutting edge deep learning analytics with powerful cloud-native data management and cataloging to give organizations a bird’s eye view of their critical data assets, where they reside, their metadata properties and their deep learning derived content patterns, thereby providing valuable insights for critical business use cases and management functions.

Biomedical Reference Data Fabric

Access to Pre-Built Sources

Connect to millions of life-science and legal texts for research and analytics, continuously analyzed by Layar using advanced deep learning text analytics algorithms. Retrieve answers from documents within PubMed, Clinical Trials, the US Patent and Trademark Office, and more.

Learn more about the Vyasa Biomedical Reference Data Fabric

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)PubMed AbstractsPubMed Central (PMC) Open AccessClinicalTrialsUS Patent Office (USPTO)PubChem

Cloud-Agnostic Architecture

Flexible Deployment for Cloud Infrastructure

Layar can be deployed as a fully containerized Helm chart for a diverse collection of cloud environments including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and on-premise.

Microsoft AzureAWSGoogle Cloud PlatformNvidiaKubernetesHELMOn-prem StackAPI

Access to the Layar APIs

Extract greater value from integrated external and internal data with Layar’s extensive set of APIs for text and small compound analytics.

Learn more about the Layar APIs.

Try each of our APIs in our Demo App

There is a wealth of biomedical information available in public life sciences and healthcare data sources. At Vyasa we’re building the world’s first deep learning modeled catalog of these sources for natural language querying.

Try our open source demo app live or download it on Github to build novel ways of connecting to the Vyasa Biomedical Reference Data Fabric.

Try our Demo App

System Admin Panel

Manage Roles, Permissions, & Data Sources.

System administrators can manage tenants on their instance, assign privileges to users and groups, give or deny access to confidential nodes in the fabric, and monitor health checks for online status across the entire collection of nodes in their data fabric.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Identify & Categorize Data Fabric Concepts

Layar leverages NER to identify and categorize terms and phrases from content integrated in your data fabric. Layar identifies a wide array of life science NER concepts (proteins, cells lines, diseases, etc.) as well as several business development concepts (organizations, people, locations). NER concepts are continuously updated and refined by our deep learning models to reflect the current language of the domain, and novel terms previously not mentioned in literature (such as COVID-19).

Table & Image Extraction

Draw Deeper Insights from PDFs.

Layar automatically pulls all figures and images from a PDF article and creates a new image file for that figure, which is directly connected to the original article. For tables, users can create a CSV file from a PDF using the table extraction feature. These images and tables are then linked to the original PDF, and users can annotate the new data with additional information.

Saved Sets

Curate Datasets for Downstream Analytics

Run a comprehensive search for data and perform the downstream analysis another day. Collect a series of documents into a single set for review until the user is ready.

Google Big QueryFHIRAmazon S3

Dynamic Data Connector Framework

Connect Your Data Fabric to Disparate Data Storage

The flexible and extensible nature of Layar’s data fabric architecture allows for the creation of secure connections from Layar to a wide range of sources including Google BigQuery, FHIR healthcare data repositories, AWS S3 buckets, internal document repositories, and live data streams, thereby enabling dynamic continuous availability and visibility into your aggregated Layar data fabric.

Getting Started with Vyasa Layar

Quickly deploy your Layar data fabric with our easy-to-follow library of “how-to” videos.



Deep Learning Data Fabric

A next-generation deep learning data fabric that connects diverse data stores and third-party applications via a range of built-in connectors to perform sophisticated text and image analytics.

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